School Fee Revenue Schedule

Reduction of School Fees

Bill 1: An Act to Reduce School Fees, eliminates fees once assigned to instructional supplies and materials as outlined below:

Basic Educational Services

NGPS students and families will no longer pay for services, supports and materials required for a student to meet the core curricular outcomes at a basic level as defined in the Guide to Education (Math, Science, Language Arts, Social Studies, Physical Education, Health, Art, Music). Examples of the basic level of service include in-class instruction and supports, handouts, textbooks, workbooks, printing, photocopying, paper and fees not clearly expressed in a fee schedule nor connected to a specific good or service.

Students and families may still incur costs for Enhanced Educational Services like field trips and options programming and Non-curricular Services like sports teams and club activities.

Click the link to view the 2018-2019 Hilltop High School School Fee Revenue Schedule

For complete details pertaining to the reduction of School Fees please click here to review the Administrative Procedures.




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