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Welcome to Hilltop High School

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Mr. Brent Northcott

Assistant Principal

Mrs. Sarah Van De Kerckhove

Vision Statement

Hilltop High School will:

  • Be the school of choice for students, staff, families, and community. 
  • Ensure a safe, caring, respectful, welcoming and positive learning environment. 
  • Honor diversity, embrace inclusion, and encourage positive relationships. 
  • Provide quality education for all learners where everyone is supported. 
  • Have meaningful and high expectations for all.  
  • Embrace vulnerability in learning and promote resilience and perseverance.
  • Provide a rich variety of extra-curricular opportunities. 
  • Encourage opportunities for student voice and perspective.
  • Continue to work towards our goals, embrace accountability and demonstrate professionalism as we continually grow and improve.

Mission Statement

Hilltop High School is a welcoming environment that provides high quality, relevant, and meaningful educational opportunities for all students.  We strive to develop lifelong learners who respect diversity, are socially responsible, and capable global citizens.


  • Respect: Listening to perspective; engage in healthy conflict; value the rights, time and safety of others.
  • Empathy: Be aware of other people's emotions and seek to understand each other.
  • Academic Learning: Seek knowledge, cultivate resilience and embrace curiosity as we create learning opportunities that are challenging and interesting while ensuring that  learning is a shared responsibility.
  • Dedication: Solution focused and commit to personal and professional growth to help move the school forward. 
  • Integrity: Support and follow through on what we say is important.
  • Connections: Learn about each other, cultivate trusting relationships, nurture growth and celebrate success as we build bridges with our community both academic and non-academic.
  • Resilience: Gather strategies and resources to positively overcome adversity as we continue to grow,  progress, and embrace new opportunities. 
  • Inclusion: Create a safe, caring, welcoming environment that promotes a state of harmony through encouraging, supporting, and recognizing diverse needs and all forms of success. 
  • Acceptance: Celebrate diversity and acknowledge its importance to increase our understanding of other cultures. 


“A great place to LEARN…and more!”

As a staff we are committed to providing the best educational programming for our students.  We can only do this by our collaborative efforts; students, parents, staff and community working together to provide a quality education.