Friends of Hilltop School Council

Friends of Hilltop School Council

Chairperson: Jenny Dickson


The Friends of Hilltop Fundraising Society would like to pass on some information regarding the Earn on Foods Program.

The FOH Society sells Sobeys (IGA ) Gift Cards to raise money for events and/or causes the Society decides to sponsor. The program not only benefits the Society, but also the Hilltop parents that buy the cards.

Please click for the application form.

We will sell the gift cards to families. The cards are loaded in $100, $200 or $500 amounts. Families buy the cards from Friends of Hilltop and purchase groceries with them at Sobeys stores (Edson, Drayton Valley, Spruce Grove, St. Albert, Edmonton and Whitecourt) A $100.00 card will buy $100.00 in groceries; you use it like a credit card. When you buy groceries using the cars, IGA deducts the amount of groceries purchased from the balance of the card. The IGA receipt shows the balance left on the card. When the total value of the cards is used it is thrown away.  How do we make money doing this? IGA sells us the gift cards at a discount. We then sell them to Hilltop families. Gift cards are sold at Hilltop High School office and Remax Realty.

As of May 2014 Sobeys has changed their discount rates effective June 1, 2014. We keep track of the amount purchased and 5% of the amount of cards purchased accumulates in each families account.

You can use the balance in your account to pay for school related expenses. We have paid school fees, pictures, sport fees, school supplies, grad fees, grad rings, grad dress and tux rentals to name a few. Expense payment forms are available at the Hilltop High School front office.

The Society makes money by charging an initial $35.00 set up fee and then a yearly $35.00 administration fee. The Society makes decisions on spending the raised funds at the monthly meetings.  The Society also has accounts accumulating for The Community Lunchbox Program and The Humanitarian Society and we do not charge any annual fees so 100% of the money raised goes directly to the Lunchbox and Humanitarian programs.

If you would like further information on this program please contact any members of the School Council, we will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.


Parents can now purchase IGA cards through e-transfer. You can send your e-transfer to the Friends of Hilltop email address: HilltopFOH@gmail.comIn the comment section of the e-transfer, or in a separate email, include the following: Name of family and card pick up details, or send a separate email. 

You will then be able to pick up their card from either Remax, the Hilltop front office or have the the school send it home with your child.