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Update on Spectators

We are excited to announce that we will be permitting spectators at our extra-curricular events effective today, Monday, February 14, 2022. Other visitors to the building during the school day will continue to be required to make an appointment with the office. In order to maintain the safety of all students, staff, athletes, parents and community members we will be following the guidelines below.

-All spectators must be masked over the age of 12. Non-athlete students wishing to be a spectator of a game/tournament must follow masking guidelines.

-Any spectator who chooses to remove their mask while in the building, will be required to leave the building. Spectators affiliated with a team may affect an athlete's and/or teams eligibility to participate in further games at HTH.

-Spectators are only permitted to enter the gyms or use washrooms and must leave the building following their affiliated teams game.

-Spectators are not permitted any food or drink while in the building as they must remain masked.

-Any athlete (over the age of 12) must be masked when not participating in a game or in the assigned team classroom, such as in the halls, common areas or gyms when not participating.

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