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Special Guest Presentation

Thank you to Charity Vollmann with Careers Next Generation for the informative presentation to our students today regarding the endless opportunities within the Registered Apprenticeship Program for skilled trades people.

There are roughly 50 different skilled trades within 4 sectors; construction, automotive, industrial and service. Students interested in pursuing any of these careers can obtain an internship while attending high school and work towards getting their apprenticeship hours, earn an income and up to 40 credits.

Our local community consists of many valuable partnering companies in various industries, opening the doors to so many possibilities for students. Students interested in the RAP program should continue to watch the RAP bulletin board and our social media channels for new opportunities. Students can also seek to obtain their own RAP position with an employer who is willing to take on an apprentice. Students can also speak to our Off Campus Coordinator Mrs. Van De Kerckhove for more information or assistance in helping you polish your resume, cover letter and complete the Careers application form.

Once again, thank you to Charity with Careers, and to our many community partners for their continued support of student success.   


Trade Entrance Requirements:

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