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It’s Your Life To Live

Thank you to our special guest Mr. Grant Aune for your impactful and informative “It’s Your Life To Live” presentation today. Mr. Aune was an RCMP officer for over 25 years, specializing in the investigations of motor vehicle collisions.


Today’s message promoted the importance of driving safely and how our behaviors while driving can lessen our risk of an accident. The art of driving vs the act of driving. He encouraged us to stay focused, remove distractions, understand the road, the conditions and our vehicles, and to always wear our seatbelts.


Motor vehicle accidents are the number one cause of fatality in people ages 4-34, the number one cause of brain injury and the greatest risk in your life. 90% of automobile accidents result from driver errors. It is your responsibility to drive safely.


Thank you Mr.Aune, CEO of Advantage Fleet Services. Thank you Alberta Newsprint Company and Millar Western for not only sponsoring this important message to youth but for also providing doughnuts for over 500 grateful students!


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