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Friends of Hilltop Parent Council News

We invite parents to attend our next Friends of Hilltop School Council meeting, rescheduled for November 24 at 7 pm. The meeting will be virtual. The Friends of Hilltop is in need of parents to form an Executive Council. Friends of Hilltop is a very valuable organization. Lots of information is shared at the monthly meetings and there is a great opportunity for parents to give feedback to the school. If you are interested in attending please email for a link to join the virtual meeting.

Friends of Hilltop IGA voucher cards are once again available at Hilltop in Room 503 or at Remax in Whitecourt. What are they for? Well, you can EARN MONEY to pay for your student’s school fees, grad garb, school sports and even school trips. Take advantage of this unique fundraiser by purchasing IGA gift cards sold by Friends of Hilltop Parent Council. When you purchase grocery vouchers, 5% of your purchase is placed in an account just for you. It stays there until you need to access these funds to pay for any variety of school related expenses. Please call the office to sign up!

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