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Celebrating the Class of 2020

Hilltop history was made! Today, we celebrated over 100 students who worked incredibly hard to achieve their high school diplomas, and they did it during a pandemic! We applaud you on your outstanding achievements! We knew when school closed we had to do something special for our graduates. They missed out on so much and have overcome obstacles like no other grad class! If they couldn’t come to us, then we were going to them! We cheered, we laughed, we cried...we miss them all so much! We hope today you saw just how much you are appreciated and loved. We are so proud of you! We aren’t done celebrating yet, see you next Friday graduates! Congratulations Class of 2020, hats off to you!

*If we didn’t see you you today, we will see you tomorrow! Please know that our country living students spread from Fox Creek to Onoway. In order to cover such a broad area, we unfortunately will not be able to have all staff parading together but rather individual staff members will be splitting up to deliver.

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