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So Grown Up?

For Parents Facing the Challenge of Raising Healthy, Happy, Human teenagers in a time that Makes No Sense.

The Friends of Hilltop School Council in conjunction with the Mink Creek Parents' Society are pleased to collaborate with Indigo Counseling and Consulting to bring an evening of discussion on the topic of raising teenagers in these times of uncertainty. 

Please come out the the Hilltop Auditorium on April 13 at 7 pm. 

Highlights of the presentation are: 

1. The human need for connection complicated by the needs of adolescence
2. Understanding identity needs
3. Teens and Adult decisions (it's scary because you're not ready and neither are they)
4. Courageous parenting and the critical conversation you NEED to have
5. Out of adolescence and into adulthood (building a mindset of resilience, confidence, competence and connection)

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