Class of 2020 Slideshow

Presenting the Class of 2020, from then to now! 

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Congratulations Class of 2020

To view our live feed, along with congraulatory speeches from our honoured dignitaries, visit our you tube channel here

Valedictorian Speech

Valedictorian Speech from Hilltop High School's Class of 2020 Valedictorian, Miss. Emma Schlosser.


Hilltop’s 53rd Annual Graduation Ceremony and 1st Virtual Ceremony

It was a grad day unlike any other! Congratulations Class of 2020! You are an unforgettable grad class and it was a pleasure to celebrate each of you and your outstanding achievements today. We are Charger strong and proud!

We have a few photos to share tonight. We will keep the celebration going by sharing many more photos and videos over the course of the next few days.

We have a few people we would like to thank for their role in helping us celebrate our graduates.

Thank you;

Grad Council (Emma Schlosser, Katianna Taylor, Kyra Paul, Randi Lemoal, Luc Aubin, Kenzie Beck, Hannah Lyver, Rianna Hodgson, Shanitha Murry and Advisers Mrs. Christianson, Mrs. Blain and Mrs. Van De Kerckhove) for working together throughout the year to successfully achieve the one goal everyone had from the beginning, to have the most memorable grad ever! Well done!

Hilltop Staff- For your teamwork and collaborative efforts to make this day happen. From printing banners to taking pictures to putting 120 yards signs out early this morning. You are an amazing staff who is always willing to help when needed.
Special shout out to our Tech Dept for their help with our virtual celebration.

Our Graduates - For your patience, perseverance and gratefulness. We are so proud of you!

Our Graduates Families - For your support, kindness and appreciation.

Kenneth Zadderey - For taking the on stage photos during the ceremony. Graduates will receive these photos in the fall with their yearbooks.

NGPS and our honoured dignitaries for sharing video messages to congratulate the graduates in our virtual celebration.

Vital Signs- for printing over 200 yard signs!
Amazing Gifts - for donating a portion of the balloons
Slideshow Songwriter Emma Hamel - thank you for allowing us to use your beautiful song in our slideshow and Congratulations!
Check her out on YouTube!

Our apologies if we have inadvertently missed a thank you, we are incredibly proud of how our entire community has come together to celebrate all graduates.